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  Ultra-high-speed USB 3.0 interface    
  The PQI H568V Portable Hard Drive uses a USB 3.0 interface, providing ultra-high-speed transmission that ensures a superior user experience. With a data transmission speed ten times faster than that of USB 2.0, USB 3.0 dramatically reduces the amount of time that users have to spend waiting for files to be transmitted.    
    Shock-resistant base design  
     The base of the PQI H568V Portable Hard Drive has had four specially-designed silicone pads added to provide abrasion-resistance, prevent slippage and reduce noise. Besides helping to prevent annoying scratches caused by careless use, this feature also serves to further reduce the (already very limited) noise produced by the drive when in operation, and helps to prevent damage to the drive when it is moved or put down.  
  Black color scheme demonstratesmodest elegance    
  The H568V Portable Hard Drive embodies the care and consideration for the customer that characterizes all of PQI's products. The color tone chosen for the drive is black, combined with two textured external casing materials, each designed to fulfill a different function: on the front,a piano lacquer mirror finish exudes high quality, while the reverse uses a "sandblasted" misted finish to prevent accidental scratching when the drive is in use. The overall effect is one of low-key, refined business style.       
    Bright LED indicator lights  
    The PQI H568V Portable Hard Drive is designed with a long white LED light on the front edge. When the drive is in use, the light comes on immediately to show this, making it easy to check when the drive is in operation, and helping to reduce the risk of damage that may be caused when a drive is extracted at the wrong time.  
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