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PQI S535 SSD uses SandForce's latest SF-1222 processor for extreme performance. ATTO Disk Benchmark reported read and write speeds of up to 250MB/s; S535 is built from Flash memory, which makes it more reliable than conventional hard disks, more resistant to shock and vibration, generates less heat, and consumes less power. The tough, durable, high-performance, energy-saving and cool-running PQI S535 SSD also comes with a 3-year warranty so you can enjoy the blazing fast speeds to your heart's content. 


Increased productivity and efficiency   No moving mechanical parts means quiet operation and low heat
Read and write speeds of up to 250 MB/Sec deliver high performance and greatly shorten the time needed for system startup/shutdown. Files can also be transferred more quickly eliminating unnecessary waiting time.   Built from Flash memory so it is more reliable than conventional hard disks, more resistant to shock and vibration, generates less head and consumes less power.
TRIM support for optimal performance on compatible operating systems   3-Year Warranty
PQI S535 supports the TRIM command to overcome the drop in performance after extensive use. The provision of an effective data wiping method delivers high stability and durability.   Strict quality checks are imposed from production through to actual sale. A comprehensive 3-year warranty gives consumers a product they can put their trust in.
2.5" form-factor and NAND Flash memory    
The external dimensions are identical to standard 2.5" HDDs but weigh just 92g.    
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