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With the increasing demand for portable digital devices, microSD is an extension of the Secure Digital card in an even smaller dimension. Available in 4 packages:  (1) Deluxe pack A ~ comes with SD + miniSD adaptor; (2) Deluxe pack B ~ comes with SD + MS PRO Duo adaptor; (3) Standard pack ~ comes with a SD adapter and (4) Basic pack ~ comes with the microSD card, only.

‧Conforms to SDA standards for high compatibility

PQI SD cards all conform to the SD 1.1 standard defined by the SDA to provide advanced performance.

‧Can be used to store data, music, pictures and videos

PQI SD card products are supplied in the maximum 2GB capacity supported by the SD 1.1 standard. The product can store 800 high-quality JPEG photos, 600 MP3 songs or any other files you may have.

‧ECC error detection and recovery

ECC (Error Correcting Code) automatically corrects errors from missing or damaged data.

‧Lifetime warranty for the best protection

PQI memory cards undergo strict checks from production through to actual sale. Each memory card is also provided with a lifetime warranty so you can use the products to your heart's content and also enjoy the best after-sales service.

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