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PQI has released the PQI SDXC UHS-1 memory card from the Ultra High Speed series to meet the demand of consumers and professionals for the Three Highs: high resolution, high capacity, and high speed. Whether we're talking Full HD video recording, burst photo shooting, or high resolution photography, this product is able to satisfy every need. Particularly worth noting is its groundbreaking capacity. The 64GB capacity is able to satisfy even the heftiest appetites of high end professional digital SLR camera and digital video recorder enthusiasts. The product offers 24 hours of continuous Full HD video playback and can store approximately 38,400 JPEG images. It supports different makes and models of cameras, and represents one of the best storage solutions on the market to date.
Error correcting code (ECC)
The error correcting code (ECC) feature automatically detects and corrects errors to improve overall data integrity and read/write reliability.
Multiple shots without write delays
PQI SDXC UHS-1 offers exceptional transfer performance that eliminates write delays during continuous shooting and video to smoothly record every exciting moment without interruption.
Low power consumption
Voltage range 2.7V~3.6V, low power consumption.
Large capacity to shoot photos and videos anywhere
Shoot approximately 38,400 JPEGs or play 24 hour uninterrupted Full HD video.
Data write protection switch
The write protection switch protects data on the memory card from being modified or deleted.
eXFAT file format
Increase disk capacity even further.
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