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i-Cover 401 is a transparent protective polycarbonate casing that shows off the iPhone4's designer look. The lightweight unibody construction is not only stylish but also offers a high level of protection. The bezel is made with dual-injection molding from green non-toxic materials to ensure a close fit between the device and the casing. The curvaceous arched tops perfectly captures the minimalist look. 

The back of the transparent casing also features four wear-resistant patches to prevent unsightly scratches. The extra touch provides the iPhone4 with the most complete protection in an elegant and unobtrusive manner that sets the i-Cover 401 apart from other protective casing on the market. For added interest, six colors are available so you can personalize your iPhone to suit your preference or mood. Once again PQI demonstrates it commitment to product protection and consumer needs. 


Perfectly captures iPhone 4's original texture
This simple, innovative design gives your iPhone 4 a little more color and character, and also gives you a chance to see for yourself how well PQI can work for you, and how fussy and attentive we are when it comes to our customers
8 corners & 6 sides provide ultimate protection
The light and fitting i-Cover 401 is highly shock absorbent as well as drop-resistant. A rubber frame and four wear-proof spots are added to prevent scratches to the back plate and provide your iPhone comprehensive protection from all sides
Protective rubber rim
The frame features a rubber mold with shock protection that makes it easy to grab and securely hold onto
Reinforced 3-layer transparent colors
Molded with high precision material, i-Cover 401's transparent PC material and colorful rubber frame comes together perfectly with the original colors of iPhone4 for an eye-catching effect


Lightweight construction 

The back plate of the i-Cover 401 is only 29.4g, increasing protection but not weight


i-Cover 401 MSRP ($US) 20.99

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